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Summer Camps

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CAMP 2020


Summer of memories

Established in 1976, the Stony Hill Stables Summer Camp Program was the very first of its kind in the Hamptons. With more than 40 years of experience, we are proud to offer four unique camps which accommodate riders of many ages and skill levels.


Throughout the years, SHS has carefully designed its summer camp program to offer fun and educational activities on and off horseback to make the most of campers' days on the farm. This year, our Camp Director Annie Beeson has developed a curriculum that allows all levels of campers ample riding time in addition to games, unmounted activities, and creative art projects. They'll increase their skills by working together with both horses and each other. 


Our comprehensive approach focuses on encouraging a spirit of good sportsmanship, positive attitude, and individuality. We combine riding lessons with fun and educational activities that will keep your child engaged while teaching them that safe horsemanship, respect, and appreciation of the horses are paramount. 


  • All four of our morning camps are offered in 5-day weekly sessions!

  • Morning Camp sessions will be held from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm -- more time for riding and fun!

  • Extended Day sessions will be held from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm -- with all new mounted and unmounted activities, special events, and a badge program!

Dapples Pony camp

Dapples is our beginner camp level, and riders must be at least four years old to participate. Campers don’t need any prior riding experience, and our goal is for all riders to begin to learn to ride independently through practice, strengthening muscles, and proper technique. Along with riding, Dapples Campers will learn grooming and horse care skills alongside counselors and fellow campers. They’ll participate in mounted and unmounted games and activities throughout the day that make learning to ride fun! They can also attend local horse shows, including the Hampton Classic, in the Leadline divisions.

Snowman camp

Snowman is our intermediate camp level. Riders should be independent at the walk and trot. Riders with strong enough skills at walk and trot can learn to canter. Snowman Campers continue to hone their skills and proper technique, and they’ll learn more about horse care and management. Each camper’s day is filled with mounted and unmounted lessons, activities, and games with their fellow campers. Snowman Campers can also work toward attending local horse shows in Leadline and Walk-Trot divisions.

Secretariat Camp

Secretariat is designed for riders with more experience. Campers work toward mastering the canter and are introduced to jumping, along with more detailed horse care and management. The camp day will focus on fine-tuning riding techniques, strengthening the body with skill-building lessons, and unmounted games and activities that add fun to all the hard work! Secretariat Campers who are interested in showing can work toward attending local horse shows in the Walk-Trot-Canter, Mini Short Stirrup, and moving toward Short Stirrup division.

Sapphire Camp

Sapphire camp is designed for riders who are skilled at jumping courses in Short Stirrup, Children’s, and Division levels. These riders have reached a point where they need to gain in-depth knowledge about riding techniques, detailed horse care, mounted and unmounted training exercises for their horse or pony, and more. This group will learn more advanced flatwork and jumping skills, focusing on work over courses. Riders in the Sapphire group must half lease, full lease, or own a horse or pony.


Extended Day Camp is our afternoon session, and it’s one of Stony Hill's most popular programs. This year, along with a lesson, we're inaugurating exciting new programs and events to introduce campers to horse care and management, and to expand their equestrian skills. The backbone of Extended Day Camp is a badge program that encourages campers to learn new skills and celebrate their achievements. With a different theme for each day and week of Extended Day, campers will spend their summer afternoons becoming well-rounded equestrians!


Many campers, as they become more confident riders, would like to fine-tune their skills and participate in local horse shows. Stony Hill's excellent school horses and ponies are available for half-lease to campers who'd like to ride the same horse or pony in their camp lessons. Also, any camper who plans to participate in outside shows during the summer must half-lease for the two weeks leading up to shows. Campers in our upper-level Sapphire Camp are required to half-lease a horse or pony. In 2020, we're planning a busy schedule of showing, and another exciting Stony Hill Schooling show as well. We’ll be happy to discuss the perfect half lease for your camper!

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