Stony Hill Stables presents a singular opportunity to work with knowledgeable and educated trainers and caretakers, while enjoying an atmosphere of collective respect and enjoyment of the sport. Rarely will one find a team of professionals who so enjoy what they do, and it is contagious!  Whether a top-level competitor or a retired trail pal, we work together to ensure that every horse and pony is happy, healthy, and performing at his best.


Full Board offers the peace of mind of knowing that every need of the horse is being met, whether or not the owner is able to spend hours of his or her own time at the stables.  Full Board includes:


  • Daily Grain, hay, turnout, stall cleaning, bedding, blanketing, and basic care

  • Regular turnout and additional turnout in a grass paddock in warm weather months

  • Daily Grooming

  • Bathing and clipping as necessary (not including Body Clip)

  • Any routine wrapping or administration of “light” medication

  • Tacking and untacking for riding with advanced notice

  • Regular tack cleaning

  • Laundry washed as necessary (does not include sheets, blankets and heavy or special care items)


While we are happy to provide each of these services, we realize that some owners like to be “hands-on” when they have the time.  We do not discourage owners to spend time with their horses, or work alongside their grooms if they wish.  SHS grooms and staff are always happy to work with children who have their ponies on Full Board.  This is a great way to learn all of the aspects involved in caring for their pony.


Basic Board offers basic care of the horse, including grain, hay, stall cleaning, and daily turnout. Basic board is only offered to those who own their horse. Basic Board is best suited for the experienced horse person who can commit to visiting and caring for his or her horse at least five days per week. Basic board is not recommended for novice horse persons, children, or the weekend rider.

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